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The Importance of Oil Changes

Anyone who owns a car knows that they need to get periodic oil changes, but many don’t know just how important oil is to the life of your engine and the longevity of your vehicle. At Walsh Honda, we recognize the importance of oil changes so much that we offer free lifetime oil changes to anyone who purchases a new Honda from our dealership in Macon, GA. So, why are oil changes so important? Read on to find out.

Oil Removes Dirt Particles

While it seems like a small thing, dirt particles and other road debris can be deadly to your vehicle’s engine. Debris causes corrosion that will decrease your engine’s life tremendously without routine oil and filter changes.

Oil Cools the Engine

With moving parts and lack of lubrication, you get friction. Friction creates heat which can cause overheating of your engine. Without the right amount of oil, the increased temperatures can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle’s engine.

Oil Lubricates Your Engine

With tons of moving parts, lubrication is key in your engine. As we mentioned above, your engine may overheat without proper lubrication. Plus, your engine components can wear down quicker than they should, decreasing the life of your vehicle.

As you can see, routine oil changes can drastically lengthen the life of your vehicle, protecting your investment. Improving everything from fuel economy to power, oil changes are essential if you want to have a vehicle that lasts.

At our dealership in Macon, GA, we offer a broad range of parts and service support from trained Honda service technicians who have the technology to provide expert care. With genuine Honda parts, we can provide the maintenance needed to prolong the life of your Honda and preserve its value.

Schedule service online today or call (478) 788-4510 to get started. We look forward to maintaining your vehicle's performance, safety, and fuel efficiency. 

The Importance of Oil Changes

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