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When do I need new tires?

The question of when to purchase new tires can be a difficult one to answer because a lot of it depends on the type of driving you do and how well you take care of your car. At Walsh Honda’s service department, we will help you keep your tires in the best shape possible long term by helping you ensure that your tires are rotated when they need to be and inflated properly. Still, there will come a time when you need to replace your tires. Here are some signs to look for that indicate that it is time to come to Walsh Honda for a new set.

It’s Been More Than Five Years

A good rule of thumb is that tires start to deteriorate after five years of regular driving. After five years have passed, it’s a good idea to get your tires inspected and rotated by our service department at least once a year. While some tires last longer than five years, it’s really never a good idea to keep tires on your vehicle longer than 10 years from their manufacture date, even if they’re showing no obvious signs that they need to be replaced.

Your Tread is Worn Down

Take a close look at the tread on your tires. How does it look? If it’s no longer thick, it might be time for an inspection to ensure that your tires are still safe for driving. If there’s hardly any tread left, get to our service department in Macon as soon as possible for replacement tires. You should also check for uneven tread wear on your tires. This might be solved by simply rotating your tires.

Your Car Shakes on the Road

If you’re familiar with your vehicle, you probably know how your car usually feels on the road. If you’re feeling more shakiness, it could mean that your tires are damaged or worn down. If you notice any sudden vibrations while driving, slow down immediately, stop, and inspect your tires thoroughly for holes, nails, rocks, or other culprits.

You’ve Been Driving on a Spare

Spare tires are not meant to be used for regular driving. They usually have a lighter construction that means they can’t tolerate the same mileage and speeds that your regular tires can. If you have to use your spare, come in to Walsh Honda as soon as possible so we can get it replaced with a full-size, safe replacement.

Think your tires need to be serviced? Schedule your appointment with Walsh Honda’s service department today. Now might be an excellent time to consider Walsh Honda's VIP Maintenance Plan. With this plan, you get three years or 45,000 miles worth of coverage, whichever comes first, that includes all routine maintenance, courtesy washes, courtesy cars, and more at a substantially discounted price! Please call (478) 788-4510 and ask for Frank Tan or Matt Slaughter for more details. We look forward to working with you.

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