1- Customer-Centric Care
Family owned and run, when you walk through that door you are part of our family.

2- Vehicle Selection and Automotive Service
If we don't have it, we can get it! Automotive parts and service? We've got you covered!

3- Financing Options
Working with a large association of lenders, Walsh Honda helps to get you properly financed even when others have turned you down.
4- Localized Staff Know Your Needs
Walsh Honda's well-trained staff, live right here in the local area. They know the terrain and culture, hence they are in tune with what you want and need in a new Honda or used vehicle. Get to know some of our stellar Service & Internet Staff, as well as the Service Staff who will keep your New or used Honda running smoothly.
5- The Customer Experience
  • Attentive and professional service at all times.
  • Straightforward information when requested, without evasive tactics.
  • Quick and efficient service with genuine consideration of your time.
  • No high-pressure sales pitches, select the products and services that YOU want.
  • Comprehensive and detailed explanations of all purchasing and financial information.
  • Receive duplicates of all signed documentation for your records.
  • Expect that the value of our products or services will meet or exceed every dollar spent.
  • Our word is our bond, every promise made will be honoured.
6- Community Relief and Development
Walsh Honda is passionate about seeing the Macon community flourish and is an ardent contributor to many charitable events and organizations.
7- Our Mission at Walsh Honda
Our mission is to offer excellence in every product and area of service we provide. To accomplish this, we will deliver the most complete and satisfactory customer experience, working together as one big extended family community!
8- The Fundamental Pillars of Walsh Honda
Staying true to our mission statement, we strive to maintain the following core values, unified in our collective actions.

Always do the right thing! Our dedication to customer satisfaction and value is unshakable. Walk in knowing you will be treated fairly and walk out knowing that you got the best product and experience for your investment.

Serving our customers is always at the forefront of our business model. We know that you can car shop anywhere, so service with a genuine appreciation for your patronage leaves no doubt that we focused on meeting all of your needs.

We strive to rise above all circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for coming up with a solution to any problem. Getting it right the first time around is our standard. Quality assurance is offered by our attention to detail, executed in everything we do.

Continuous improvement and the desire to evolve and adapt to our community's dynamic growth drives a constant desire for innovation. This evolution begins at the staff development level and continues into all areas of our business.

Personal egos and agendas are put aside at Walsh Honda, to allow for the harmonious interactions between departments working to serve you the customer.

This is what helps to differentiate us from our competitors? A "fun" workplace makes for positive attitudes, encouraging energetic team contributions and creating a lively environment for our clientele.